MB Quart Amplifier Technology

Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Section

You have heard the cliché’, “… only as strong as your weakest link.” With that simple statement, MB Quart engineers have focused on an important element in a car audio amplifier; the Pre Amplifier.

Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage – Q-Stasis circuitry rejects noise and assures that clean signal is introduced into the amplifier circuitry. The signal that comes into the amplifier from the source unit can vary widely and depending on the length of the RCA cable, there is a nearly certain chance of noise being injected into that signal wire. Signal from a head unit can typically be as low as 0.2 volts and as high as 8 volts. It is critical that an amplifier be able to balance this input signal without allowing noise into the circuit. This means that MB Quart amplifiers featuring Q-Stasis are very clean and musical from the input stage to the output stage.

As shown above, the Q-Stasis circuit acts as a noise elimination circuit to keep the signal line very clean and musical.

Class Q1 & MYKRO

Most enthusiasts are familiar with the high efficiency of digital amplifiers. Digital amplifiers are popular because they can make large amounts of output wattage with minimal current draw (from the battery). MB Quart offers two styles; Class Q1 mono amplifiers featured throughout the line and the new MYKRO full range Class D.


Imagine the smoothness of water. This is the smooth sounding imagery that MB Quart engineers have achieved with FLUID-FETS. All MB Quart amplifiers use a MOSFET circuitry that removes the harshness of the MOSFET circuit maximizing power efficiency while improving sound quality.

Class SQ

The finest amplifiers for home audio are Class A. Small power, while pure, a 25 watt Class A amplifier for the home can easily cost $5,000. Most car audio amplifiers are designed as Class A/B. This is great for mobile audio because it can produce good power for a lot less money. The MB Quart engineers use Class SQ. Similar to a Class A/B design, but, the Class SQ is specifically designed for the sound quality demands of the MB Quart enthusiast by adding just a small amount of biased current through all output transistors at all times. This means that the circuit is always on or passing current and dramatically reduces crosstalk noise and distortions.

Q-Curve Electronic Crossover Control

MB Quart engineers are constantly working towards improving the listening experience. The new RA Reference Series amplifiers feature an improved crossover filter variation called Q-Curve.

Q-Curve is a variation of the Butterworth Filter principles and allows for a smooth rollover without any ripple. Similar to Butterworth, Q-Curve is flat in the pass-band and rolls off towards zero in the stop-band. Where Q-Curve varies from a traditional Butterworth design is in the control of the roll off and the selected frequencies. When referencing the High Pass filter on the amplifier, MB Quart has provided a -12dB per octave roll off at the lower frequencies and -6dB roll off as you move towards the higher frequencies on the potentiometer. This allows for a more linear phase response in the pass-band and a favorable roll-off to the stop-band when comparing the frequency of the adjustment to the size of the speaker being filtered.

Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from what is heard to what is removed, providing the listener with a distortion free listening experience. This improves the balance of the music in the environment and increases the longevity of the equipment. It is advantageous to pair MB Quart speakers with the Reference amplifiers as the in line crossovers have been designed to complement the Q-Curve filter.

MB Quart offers four lines of amplifiers to assure that system design, power requirements and installation flexibility options will match up perfectly to your system.

Reference Amplifiers

• Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage
• Class SQ
• Class Q1
• Top Mount Controls

The MB Quart engineers designed the Reference line of amplifiers for one reason. “Give enthusiasts the best sound amplifier available for a critical listening audio system.” With a mix of sound quality technologies, MB Quart amplifiers are about making music, not just sound pressure levels. The MB Quart Reference amplifiers feature Q-Stasis pre-amplifier sections to keep incoming noise from source units at nearly immeasurable levels and Class SQ designs with FLUID-FET output devices to mimic the sound quality of the highest end home amplifiers. There is no doubt that these CEA compliant amplifiers have the high end sound and power you demand.

The mono amplifiers in the Reference line feature our proprietary Class Q1 technology. Similar to the topology used in high efficiency Class D amplifiers, the Class Q1 focuses on keeping distortions low and musical signal as the priority. The end result is an amplifier with the efficiency of Class D but sonic accuracy and clarity found in Class A/B.

For installation, the best feature of Reference might be the top mounted controls. All amplifier and equalization controls are accessible by removing the small panel on the top of the amplifiers. If your goal is to have the best sounding musical system possible, Reference amplifiers will be the foundation to the perfect system. Goal achieved!

Reference MYKRO

• Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage
• Class SQ
• Full Range Class D
• CEA Compliant
• Available in 5 or 4 channels plus Mono configuration
• Small Footprint

Brand new from the MB Quart engineers is the Reference MYKRO, a full range Class D line of amplifiers. MYKRO amps feature the same musical technologies of Q-Stasis pre-amplifier section for reduced input noise and FLUID-FETS output devices along with specific technology that allows us to develop a compact size that is highly efficient with very low heat output. These characteristics make the MYKRO Full Range Class D designs perfect for systems that require big power in a smaller space. MYKRO is CEA compliant and available in 1, 4 and 5 channel configurations

Onyx Amplifiers

• Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage
• Class SQ
• Available in 2, 4, 5 and Mono

Onyx is the perfect first step for building a high end audio system. The technology driving the Onyx line is the MB Quart standard. Low noise input section with the pre-amplifier utilizing Q-Stasis and FLUID-FET output devices to make big power while remaining very musical. The Onyx amplifiers feature both Class SQ circuitry and Class Q1 for big power digital output mono amplifiers. Onyx amplifiers are available in 2, 4, 5 channel models plus several mono amplifiers to perfectly design your audio system.

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