Nautic GMR-1

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Bluetooth™ Connect

Whoever brings the best music in their mobile device can be the DJ. Bluetooth™ Connect allows the Nautic GMR-1 to easily connect Bluetooth enabled devices and puts the music right at your fingertips.

AM/FM and Pre Amp

The MB Quart Nautic GMR-1 is the control unit for your Power Sports vehicle. Designed with a powerful tuner section and the ability to drive two discreet channels of outboard amplification.

Big Power

The Nautic GMR-1 has built in power. Four channels with 40 watts of output. These channels remain active when running external amplifiers so you can run additional speakers in the cabin.

Splash Proof

The lens of the Nautic GMR-1 has been treated to resist fresh and saltwater splashing, dust devils, mud and adult beverages.

Optional Accessory

Optional PSAP-2 Dual Input Waterproof powersports accessory plug. Easy to access USB and 3.5mm input with a 10’ USB and RCA extension. MAXXLINK quality and tested. Requires 1” cutout in mounting surface.

Simple Installation

The GMR-1 is designed for simple installation. The total depth with wires and mounting hardware is only 2.875 inches (7.303cm) with a cut out hole of only 3.125 inches (7.938cm)

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Bluetooth™ Connect

This MB Quart Nautic GMR-1 Marine & Powersports source unit is the perfect solution for any vehicle that will be exposed to the elements. The GMR-1 has been extensively tested to be waterproof, dust proof and UV stable. MB Quart’s Bluetooth Connect allows you to stream music from your favorite handheld device via Bluetooth™ opening up a world of entertainment options. The RCA auxiliary audio input on the rear can be used to play the audio from other sources like satellite radios or non-Bluetooth portable devices. The GMR-1 also will play digital MP3 or WMA files through the rear USB port. More information

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