Onyx Subwoofers

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MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Unique Thermal Formed Cone
MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Deep Drawn Stamped Steel
MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Treated Spiders
MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Motor Assembly
MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Voice Coil
MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer Spring Loaded Terminals

Unique Thermal Formed Cone

A Thermal Formed Polypropylene Cone is designed to keep the cone rigid while developing deep bass. The fine red line defines the Onyx series.

Deep Drawn Stamped Steel

The Onyx Subwoofers are built on a heavy duty Deep Drawn Stamped Steel basket for increased rigidity and reduced flex in high SPL applications.

Treated Spiders

The vented voice coil former is secured to a treated spider design for linear excursion in the voice coil gap.

Built for Power

Designed to handle big power, the Onyx subwoofers are engineered with large motor assembly and handle 350 watts for either the 10” or the 12”.

Voice Coil

Onyx subwoofers are engineered with a 1.5” Dual 4-ohm voice coil on a vented aluminum former to dissipate maxximum heat.

Spring Loaded Terminals

All Onyx subwoofers utilize spring loaded terminals for positive and negative speaker wire connections. Terminals are nickel-plated brass in a satin finish.

MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer size MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer cutout MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer depth MB Quart Onyx Subwoofer cone

Refined Bass

Like the Onyx line of speakers, the Onyx line of Subwoofers from MB Quart are the perfect first step into the High End sound of MB Quart. The Onyx subwoofers feature a thermal formed polypropylene cone and 1.5” aluminum voice coil for strong musical bass. They also feature the same style deep drawn heavy gauge stamped steel basket as Reference along with treated spiders and spring loaded wiring terminals to make installation easy. Match the Onyx subwoofers with Onyx speakers and power them with any of the MB Quart Onyx amplifiers. Onyx subwoofers perform best in vented enclosures. More information

Onyx Specs

Model Size Power handling RMS Power handling MAXX Voice Coil Diameter Impedance Cut-Out Ø Chassis depth from flange
OWC254 10" 175 350 1.5" Dual 4-Ohm 8.95" 4.67"
OWC304 12" 175 350 1.5" Dual 4-Ohm 10.94" 5.49"
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