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WideSphere™ Tweeter

The Reference series is designed with a 30mm inverted dome Titanium WideSphere™ tweeter which optimizing the sound stage for a wide sweet spot.

ABS Composite Basket

The Reference line utilizes an ABS composite basket for reduced vibration and reduced resonance, especially at critical mid-range and mid bass frequencies.

Cone & Butyl Surround

The Polypropylene Cone delivers impactful midrange/midbass and is perfectly matched to the ABS Composite Basket & Butyl Rubber Surround for stunning sound.

Cone & Coil Reinforcement

The Reference line is designed with an additional component between the critical junction of the cone & voice coil strengthening the coupling between cone, spider, and the surround, reducing flex.

Spring Loaded Terminals

All speakers utilize spring loaded connectors for positive and negative speaker wire connections. Connectors are satin finish nickel plated brass to resist rust.

Reference Crossover

Crossover components are tailored to achieve seamless transition from midrange frequencies to the higher frequencies handled by the tweeter. Attenuation is 6 / 12dB.

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Audiophile Balance

The Reference speakers from MB Quart are the most popular in the line. Using the 30mm inverted dome Titanium WideSphere™ tweeters and the top quality anti-resonant baskets from the Premium line, the Reference line of speakers are a perfect choice for both components and drop in 2 way coaxials. Reference subwoofers are perfectly matched to deliver deep bass to a full system when incorporated with Reference speakers. More information

Reference Specs

Model Size / Type Power Rating Peak Power Impedance Sensitivity
(1 watt / 1 meter)
Frequency Response Crossover Frequency Crossover Slope (Octave) Cut-Out Ø Chassis depth
from flange
RKM113 5.25" Coax 40 80 4-Ohm 88dB 50-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 4.48" 2.36"
RKM116 6.5" Coax 55 110 4-Ohm 88dB 50-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 5.59" 2.56"
RKM168 6 x 8" Coax 55 110 4-Ohm 89dB 50-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 4.99" x 7.09" 2.45"
RKM169 6 x 9" Coax 55 110 4-Ohm 89dB 40-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 5.85" x 8.69" 3.13"
RCM213 5.25" Component 45 90 4-Ohm 87dB 50-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 4.48" 2.36"
RCM216 6.5" Component 60 120 4-Ohm 87dB 50-32000Hz 3200Hz 6/12dB 5.59" 2.56"
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