MB Quart Speaker Technology

Installation of high-end audio components in a car typically requires compromise due to the inconsistent nature of the environment. One issue in particular is tweeter placement. The ongoing struggle to find the correct balance between on-axis and off-axis placement greatly defines the system’s ability to offer proper staging and imaging.

The engineers at MB Quart recognized this issue and worked tirelessly on a solution that would offer predictable high-end performance in nearly any mounting location. The result is the artfully crafted WideSphere™ tweeter by MB Quart. Every WideSphere™ tweeter is designed to provide equal performance in both on-axis and off-axis configurations. In fact, the tweeter level and frequency response variations between on and off axis are only noticeable on the most expensive laboratory test equipment. The resulting benefit is a wide and deep sound stage with proper imaging placing you front row center of every selection you listen to.

MB Quart WideSphere™ Tweeters

Knowing the difference between WideSphere™ tweeters will help you understand the different levels of MB Quart car audio speakers.

Q-Series is a 40mm Teteron Silk Composite WideSphere™. The Q tweeter combines the exceptional dispersion and bandwidth technology of WideSphere™. with the smooth response of a Teteron treated silk dome.

Premium Tweeter is a 40mm Titanium WideSphere™. Titanium WideSphere™. construction provides exceptional dispersion and a wide bandwidth. With a 40mm inverted dome the Premium is able to offer exceptional frequency response well beyond the limits of human hearing.

Reference Tweeter is 30mm Titanium WideSphere™. 30mm Titanium WideSphere™. inverted dome provides exceptional dispersion and a wide bandwidth with a bit more frequency extension than the Onyx tweeter.

Onyx Tweeter is a 25mm Silk Dome. Treated silk provides the sound quality of a silk dome with the frequency response of metal composite materials. It’s light weight works great in lower power applications.

MB Quart Car Audio Speakers Technologies

Midrange Technology

For years, speakers were constructed of the most crude and basic materials available. The steel, foam and paper designs got the job done but advancements in technology required speakers that could expose the benefits of the improved electronics they were hooked up to. Early on, the MB Quart team recognized a need to develop better components in order to improve overall system performance.


The first major breakthrough was the use of an ABS composite speaker basket. MB Quart paved the way with this groundbreaking innovation. The ABS basket proved to be more durable than the metal materials used previously but the real benefit was the substantial increase in midbass frequencies produced from small drivers. The increased midbass provided a richer more full sound that brought the bass forward, substantially improving the systems sound stage. Since its original introduction, MB Quart has greatly improved the ABS basket designs through the addition of short strand fiberglass and nylon that further increase the rigidity of these innovative speaker baskets.


Speaker surrounds were also a concern as the standard foam materials readily available in the era quickly dried out and deteriorated. MB Quart tried several new materials before settling on a butyl rubber compound, another innovation from our engineers. This material proved to be more stable than foam and complemented the ABS basket nicely. Additional improvements over the years included a UV treatment to further increase reliability.


Speaker cone technology proved to be much more difficult as paper cones provided exceptional sound quality especially when mated to the new composite baskets and butyl rubber surrounds. It took years to come up with the right material but the MB Quart engineering team finally found a proprietary blend of Polypropylene that offered the low weight benefits of paper but the rigidity of plastics. Additionally, the cone could be easily molded into any shape. This led the engineering team to experiment with many cone geometries. The curvilinear shape they settled on provided excellent off-axis performance gains without sacrificing low frequency performance. Q has a nomex PMI Composite.


The innovation didn’t stop there. Voice coil construction and magnet density were all addressed to ensure that every MBQuart speaker offers predictable long-term performance. Most importantly, these speakers fit! Every MB Quart speaker is designed for OEM replacement in almost every car on the road today.


Q Series: Cast aluminum basket & curvilinear composite cone. Durable cast basket mated to high quality composite curvilinear cone for improved frequency response and deep midbass. Premium gets ABS basket & composite cone. Durable ABS composite basket mated to composite curvilinear cone for improved frequency response, deep midbass impact. Reference gets ABS basket & IMPP cone. Durable ABS composite basket mated to injection-molded curvilinear cone for improved response and wide frequency range. Onyx gets ABS basket & thermal formed PP cone. Durable ABS composite basket mated to thermal formed cone for improved frequency response.

MB Quart Car Audio Speaker Systems

Q Series Components

When only the best will do, MB Quart offers the world renowned ‘Q’ Speakers. The QS216 offers the highest standard sound experience through innovative materials and superior workmanship that has no equal in the industry. The mid-bass woofer is made from Nomex PMI composite material designed to be both light in weight and rigid. This unique combination allows for a flat linear response and incredible low frequency reproduction with high sensitivity.

The QS216 touts a 40mm WideSphere™ Teteron silk dome tweeter allowing flawless reproduction of sound and improved durability. The high definition crossovers offer advanced “Q Control” for the tweeter and midrange with variable points of attenuation. To complete the package of superior performance, the Q crossovers feature MB Quart Balanced Temperature Control Technology. This technology ensures the highest quality sound, even throughout lengthy periods of high power listening.

Premium Speakers

Premium is the best choice when considering the finest in top of the line speakers for your system. The Premium components and coaxials feature the 40mm Titanium WideSphere™ tweeter and utilize a composite basket for reduced vibration and resonance especially at critical mid-range and mid bass vocal frequencies. The Premium series also rely on the same cone, surround and voice coil technology that makes MB Quart speakers the standard for critical listening. The midrange component employs a phase plug at the center of the cone to prevent higher midrange frequencies from canceling each other out. This is a critical element for any serious audiophile!

The crossovers in the Premium components are hand-picked to achieve seamless transition at 2900Hz from midrange frequencies to the higher frequencies handled by the tweeter. Premium crossovers also feature variable tweeter attenuation which something not found in Reference and ONYX. Additionally, the crossover housing is designed for easy installation and simply hides away behind the vehicle’s interior panels.

Reference Speakers

The Reference speakers from MB Quart are the most popular in the line! Using the 30mm inverted dome Titanium WideSphere™ and the top quality resonant basket and cone from Premium, the Reference line of speakers are a perfect choice for both components and drop in 2 way coaxials. Reference subwoofers are perfectly matched to deliver deep bass to a full system when incorporated with Reference speakers.

Onyx Speakers

The Onyx line is the perfect entry into high end speakers! The MB Quart heritage was built on making great speakers, the Onyx line is no exception. The Onyx speakers utilize a 25mm Silk Dome tweeter. The treated silk provides the sound quality of a silk dome with the frequency response of metal composite materials. It is light weight and works great in lower power applications. The speakers are perfectly paired with amplifiers and subwoofers in the Onyx line. Your ears will certainly be pleased.

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