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MB Quart has long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of premium full-range speakers. Since mid-1960’s the MB Quart team has been innovating subwoofer designs for home and other custom applications for serious music critics. In the 1960’s these types of speakers were more often referred to as “transducers”. It is only natural that subwoofers from MB Quart are at the top of the industry in sound quality and technology for mobile audio applications.

The product development and engineering teams at MB Quart have worked overtime to design a line of subwoofers that are worthy of the MB Quart brand and a perfect match to the speaker lines offered in the MB Quart family. 

MB Quart subwoofers are built from the inside out to deliver deep, musical bass.

In this exploded view of the top of the line Premium subwoofer, you can see that throughout the line, the subwoofers share technology to improve sound quality and power handling.

• Vented Aluminum Former
• Dual Mirror Image Spider
• Deep Drawn Heavy Gauge Stamped Steel Basket
• Protective Motor Cover
• Ported Backplate
• High Energy Magnet
• Reinforced Cone-Neck Joint
• Woven Glass Fiber Cone and Dust Cap


The cornerstone for the new subwoofer line is the use of an extra deep drawn high-density steel frame. This unique stamping process provides all of the appearance and performance benefits of cast baskets but without the cost and weight. This allows the designers to invest in other areas of the subwoofer like the cone and motor structure. You will agree these new baskets are work of engineering art!


Cone technology has also improved in the last 50 years. MB Quart mobile audio woofers now offer a clear distinction in technology between the three different series of subwoofers. Premium subwoofers are constructed from a unique red woven glass fiber composite. The lightweight skeleton cone structure is mated to a black inverted woven fiber cone strengthening dust cap.

The Reference subwoofers utilize a similar design but with a more cost-effective thermal formed polypropylene in place of the glass fiber. The entry level Onyx subwoofer cones are constructed from durable injection molded polypropylene.


The suspension of the subwoofer controls the linear motion and provides the restorative force of the subwoofer. The Premium and Reference subwoofers use an ultra-violet treated butyl rubber surround with a dual balanced wave spider system. The Onyx subwoofers use a rubber surround with a single spider design. These two suspension elements combine to provide MB Quart subwoofers with incredible control under any load, small or large.

MB Quart Premium Subwoofer

The Premium Subwoofer from MB Quart is the most technologically advanced bass transducers the company has ever designed in its 50+ year history. The demands of mobile audio subwoofer systems are more strenuous than any musical application today. The Sound Pressure Levels that can be developed inside the vehicle can approach those of live concerts, that is big sound for a subwoofer! Therefore, the Premium Series is designed to make very deep, musical bass and handle the power from the biggest amplifiers available.

Deep, Musical Bass

The Premium Subwoofer is built on a heavy duty Deep Drawn Stamped Steel basket for increased rigidity. This foundation allows the engineers to develop features like a two tone woven glass fiber cone and dust cap with a 2.5” high temp aluminum voice coil. The voice coil former is secured to dual mirror image treated spiders for very linear excursion in the voice coil gap.

Premium is the finest Subwoofer MB Quart has ever designed! Now, your system can finally be complete.


For additional flexibility in system design the Premium Subwoofer features a Selectable Parallel/Series Impedance terminal that allows the subwoofer to be either 2 or 8 Ohms.

Reference Subwoofer

MB Quart Reference Subwoofers are the most versatile of the entire MB Quart line. First, there are two profiles; The standard depth subwoofers and the low profile (LP) models. The LP models are designed for installations where there is a challenge to fit a subwoofer into a shallow space.

The 12” only needs 3” mounting depth from the edge of the flange and this is for a 600 watt MAXX subwoofer. The standard depth Reference subwoofers utilize a 2” high-temp aluminum voice coil with dual mirror image treated spiders, a thermal formed polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround. Regardless of your installation needs, either of the Reference profiles will deliver musical bass frequency with maximum power to drive your music.

Onyx Subwoofers

Like the Onyx line of speakers, the Onyx line of Subwoofers from MB Quart are the perfect first step into the High End sound of MB Quart. The Onyx subwoofers feature a thermal formed polypropylene cone and 1.5” aluminum voice coil for strong musical bass. They also feature the same deep drawn heavy gauge stamped steel basket as Reference along with treated red spiders and spring loaded wiring terminals to make installation easy. Match the Onyx subwoofers with Onyx speakers and power them with any of the MB Quart Onyx amplifiers.

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